Your first line of defense against pet loss

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If you were one of the fortunate members who called about the loss of a pet
You know how instrumental we were in the recovery process

You may think your dog is safe at home because he is closely supervised, but think about how dogs get lost.
They can run out of the house when the door is open, a gate in the yard can be accidentally left unlocked, jump over a fence or dig their way under a fence; the list goes on and on

We Understand Your Anguish When Your Pet Is Lost

RENEW YOUR DRA LOST PET RECOVERY SERVICE - Protect Your Pet, Insure Peace Of Mind!

RENEW AT THE LOW PRICE OF $15. for an additional 2 year membership
$15. is a very low price for the peace of mind knowing you have taken the best first line of defense against losing a pet.

This special is only for LPR members whose renewals are up. If you would like membership in the Lost Pet Recovery Service, and have not been a member in the past, registration is at the regular low price of $30. (still a bargain).

Not A Member Join Here

Lost Pet Recovery Renewal
Renew your 2 year membership in the DRA Lost Pet Recovery program
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