Pet Dealers, Groomers, Kennels, Trainers, Veterinarians,

and All Pet Professionals

Your customers can register Purebred Dogs, Designer Dogs & Poos with one great registry. Transfers from other clubs and foundation stock welcomed.

Whether they purchased their new puppy from you, lost or misplaced the paper work, or never received it from the breeder now they can get their dog registered

Dog Registry of America™ (DRA) has been recognizing and registering over 400 dog breeds for almost a quarter of a century using a distinct and separate classification system. Please read the classification FAQ

Traditional Purebreds (like: German Shepherds, Shih Tzu etc.) Class A

Rare & Unusual Breeds (like: Cane Corso, Neapolitan Mastiff etc.) Class A

"Designer Dogs" (historically known as POOS) which DRA has registered since 1990 Class POO or Designer Dog

****Now, Two ways to issue applications ****

Print complete applications on your computer!

All you need is a Computer and Adobe Reader


Download and save the files below

Dealer web form.pdf is the side of the application you fill out.

Dog app Back.pdf is the backside (no fill in required) of the application.


Print as many copies of Dog app Back.pdf as you have puppies,

Flip them over and use the blank side to print the completed front of the application Dealer web form.pdf

 Custom PDF applications with your name on them are available. Give us a call or email us at


 Or call us at 516-942-4395 for a supply of our easy to use Single Dog Applications

On which you hand write the puppy information.

DRA is the fastest and best way to get your customers dogs registered

Your customers can register by mail

By telephone: 516-942-4395

or Online at:

Online Registrations are processed and mailed within 24Hours

Why are there classes of dogs registered with DRA?

What are the classes of dogs registered with DRA?


How does a dog get classified?


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