Article I


Section 1: Eligibility

The club shall be composed of members who subscribe to the purposes of the club and are 18 years old or older and are in good standing with the DRA.

Section 2: Dues

Club is composed of members who have paid annual dues of $_______ in full.

Section 3: Voting Rights

Each member in good standing shall have one (1) vote at general meetings. Each officer of the board shall have one vote at the board meetings as well as one vote at general meetings.

Section 4: Termination of Membership

Termination by Resignation: Any member in good standing may resign from the club upon written notice to the secretary. Any outstanding dues or money owing the club is considered a debt due the club and will remain so until paid in full. No dues, registrations, application fees or entrance fees will be refunded.

Termination by Lapsing: A membership will be considered terminated if such member's dues remain unpaid 60 days after the first day of the fiscal year.

Termination by Expulsion: A membership may be terminated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the club as provided in Article IV.

Article II


Section 1: Board Meeting.

The club will hold a monthly board meeting and a monthly general membership meeting. The purpose of the board meeting is to establish goals, plans and events and to evaluate the progress of the projects in work. The board will consist of the officers of the club. Board Meetings are open to board members only


Section 2: General Meeting.

The purpose of the general meetings are to appoint working committees to carry-on the events, to report on the clubs current fiscal status, project status, to educate, inform and otherwise advance the causes of the organization. General Membership Meetings are open to all members and the public.

The board meeting and general meeting can be held on the same day, if desired and will be left to the discretion of the club board.

All meetings will be conducted under the Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure.

The club is responsible for making arrangements for these meetings which can be at a members home or a public library meeting room. Any fees incurred are the total responsibility of the individual club.

Refreshments will available at each meeting.

Article III


Section 1: Election of Officers.

Officers of the club will be selected from fully paid members of that club and will be officers of that club only and have no position with the DRA. All jobs and positions in the club are on a purely volunteer basis and there is no remuneration for any services provided by the members or officers. Members of the club have voting rights in the club only and do not have any voting rights regarding the DRA

Club will elect a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The entire paid membership must be informed by first class mail 30 days prior to a meeting of which the specific purpose is to elect officers. The term of office will be for one (1) year only with a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms. After completing a term officers of the club may be elected to a to different position. No member can hold the same office more than two times consecutively. However, one member can hold two positions at the same time. The club shall inform the DRA of any change in officers,

Section 2: Duties.

The club president will be responsible for the club and will report directly to the club members.

The vice-president, secretary and treasurer will report directly to the president.

The vice-president will act as assistant to the president and will be prepared to step-in in the absence of the president.

The secretary will take meeting minutes and will handle mailings of meeting notices.

The treasurer will collect dues and will handle moneys raised by the club. In addition, the treasurer will keep accurate records, books and receipts of the club. The treasurer will be responsible for the money and for making timely deposits into an account designated by the club.

All fund-raising projects must be approved by the club. All payments for expenses incurred will be made by the club. All purchases, payments, liabilities are the sole responsibility of the individual club The DRA has no interest or responsibility whatsoever in the financial structure or undertakings of any of this club.

When warranted, committees will be set-up and a head of each committee will be selected by the acting president.

Article IV


Section 1: DRA Suspension or Expulsion

Any club member who is suspended or expelled from the DRA shall be suspended from this club for a like period.

Section 2: Club Suspension or Expulsion

A membership may be suspended or terminated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the club

Section 3: Suspension or Expulsion Procedures

Any member may prefer charges against a member of the club for actions of a member are not in the best interests of the club, cruel treatment to a dog violation of club ethics. These charges with specifics must be in writing and two copies filed with the club secretary. The secretary will promptly send a copy to each of the board members or present it at a board meeting. The board will first consider the substance of the charges as to being prejudicial to the best interest of the club and summarily dismiss them if not. If in the boards opinion the charges have substance then it will fix a hearing date. The secretary will then send a copy of the charges and notice of the hearing date to the accuser and defendant by certified mail return receipt requested. At the hearing the board will determine the outcome of the charges.


Section 4: Mandatory Permanent Expulsion

Any member knowingly permitting, sanctioning, selling, leasing, vending, donating any dog for the purpose of or being involved in any way directly or indirectly with the fighting of any dogs as an event, pastime, hobby vocation or the use of any animal in the training of a dog for fighting. Will be immediately and permanently expelled


Section 3: Removal of Officers

The general membership may remove an officer of the club by a vote of 2/3 of the total membership.

Officers may be removed from office for actions of a member are not in the best interests of the club, cruel treatment to a dog violation of club ethics or misuse or abuse of office. Two (2) copies of a written petition signed by 1/2 the members in good standing detailing the reasons officer should be removed is to be submitted to the secretary and the matter is to be decided by a vote of the general membership.

Article V

Amending the By-Laws

Club By-laws cannot be amended at any time by anyone except members of the Club. Changes in the by-laws must be approved by a vote of 2/3 majority of the general membership. Changes in the by-laws must be approved by the DRA. Changes must be sent in writing to the DRA which will review the request and make a timely decision.

Founding Officers Information

The following is the founding or first term officers information






Vice President:











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