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Preguntas más frequentes  

When will I receive my dog or litter papers?

Applications are processed in the order that they are received based on form of payment.

Credit Card orders via telephone, the internet, or US Mail are processed and mailed with in 24 hours of our receiving them. Example a credit card order that we received on a tuesday will be mailed on wednesday. Orders received on weekends or holidays will be mailed on the next business day. An order received on saturday will be mailed on monday or tuesday if monday is a holiday.

Money Order orders are processed and mailed within 48-72 hours after we receive them.

Personal or Business Check orders are processed and mailed 18 BUSINESS DAYS after we receive them.

Please be aware that once we have mailed your papers any delays or time constraints are due to the US Postal Service.

My check cleared and I haven't gotten my papers?

As we receive checks from all over the US and world wide we are not able to confirm when individual checks clear. You order wil be processed as indicated above.

There is a mistake on my dog or litter papers. what do I do?

DRA offers outstanding service and processing of applications however occasionaly we make an error. We will make corrections of any error on the papers at no charge to you providing the error was OURS and reported within 30 days of issuance. Errors due to registrants omission or unclear application are the sole responsibility of the person submitting the application. Please contact Live Line Support at 516-942-4395 Mon-Fri from 10:00am-5:00pm eastern time to rectify errors.

I Have to send proof of class photos of my dog to you. How do I do It?

You CANNOT send your photos through this form

ALL PHOTOS should be sent at the same time as you fill in the application and sent in a separate E-mail to: registra@optonline.net

Include your name, address, phone # and your dogs name. Add as an attachment 2 jpeg images of your dog. Name them "my dogs name" side.jpeg & "my dogs namehead.jpeg Example: If your dog is named BUNKY name jpegs bunkyside.jpeg & bunkyhead.jpeg

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